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Lavander and lavandin from Provence

LHP PROVENCE is a French brand that identifies one of the most deeply rooted companies in Provence specialized in the production of lavender and lavandin with its own land cultivated exclusively for this purpose. The company is located in Haute Provence where the lavender fields are immense and where the Montaud family has been dedicating themselves to lavender for decades … and even today Sebastien Montraud collects lavender with ancient methods and distills it as his grandparents did … with the same care and the same passion….

Lavender is harvested by hand in the period of full bloom, from mid-June to mid-July, and composed in bunches which are then dried in the dark and in the heat during the month of July where high temperatures are reached in Provence.
After drying, the bunches of lavender are shelled by hand and enclosed in cotton bags to perfume cabinets, drawers and linen.

From the flowering tops and thanks to a steam distillation process, the essential oil of lavender is obtained which has beneficial properties. In traditional medicine, lavender is used in the treatment of restlessness, sleep disorders, inappetence and also for disorders of intestinal origin.

Lavender is also used in the treatment of spasms, colic, dizziness, headaches of nervous origin, toothache, sprains, neuralgia, rheumatism, acne, bruises, boils and wounds.
The essential oil is also used as a repellent for insects and for this property it is often added to sprays to perfume rooms.

It was also observed how the essential oil, spread in the environment with the common stoves, can give benefit to those suffering from colds.

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