No Stik, fogli antiaderente per la cucina

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NoStik for cooking, roasting, grilling and frying

ICB is the innovative producer of NoStik products, a brand that offers a gurantee of quality and innovation.
NoStik represents a wide range of non-stik products, such as reusable baking and protective sheets, shelves, trays & bags.

    Thanks to the non-stick properties, NoStik products do not require added oil, butter or fats …. they are therefore dietary and suitable for consumers who want a balanced lifestyle with targeted diets, or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    Numerous products are a valid alternative to single use (disposable), as they can be reused several times … therefore great savings in the kitchen by avoiding baking paper, greaseproof paper, aluminum … … Great help in saving and the environment with evident reduction of typical waste of disposable products.
    Several NoStik products have been designed and manufactured to keep your kitchen and appliances clean and efficient … thus avoiding clutter in the kitchen and reducing the time required for cleaning after cooking.

All NoStik products are made of woven glass fabric coated with PTFE (Teflon TM)…. or in pure PTFE… with the great and important characteristic of heat resistance being guaranteed up to 260 ° !!!

All NoStik products are suitable for continuous use with food according to EU 1935/2004 – 10/2011 LFGB and FDA regulations. 
NoStik products are totally free of PFOA & BPA.

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