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Non-slip carpets for indoors and outdoors

NON-SLIP MATS FOR INTERIORS AND EXTERIORS “Made in Germany” Buying an EFIA carpet…. for what reason? EFIA GmbH – Germany is an important German production company that belongs to the EMCO Germany Group, considered the absolute European leader in the production of carpets for industrial use. EFIA GmbH is the “brand” specialized in the production of all “design” carpets intended for the retail market aimed at the “medium-high and high” segment of the reference market. The production is carried out in the factories of Lingen (northern Germany) and uses high technology to give the customer a consistency of high quality for daily and long-lasting use. There is no type of comparison with oriental productions in terms of rugs for the home … and a simple reading of the technical characteristics highlights how many are the advantages of EFIA rugs that cannot be found on other productions. In addition … … the constant and professional assistance of the TARGETITALIA agents and the staff of the “Customer Service TargetItalia” are concrete elements of guarantee to protect the customer both in the distribution and in the consultancy field for a correct choice of products and for a better saleability. Plus …. a five-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects, both for indoor and outdoor use. This is true quality !! TECHNICAL FEATURES Non-slip… A “grip” at the highest levels that prevents any movement thanks to the support base in nitrile rubber of the highest technology with the following features:
  • High and constant friction over time
  • High resistance to abrasion at any temperature
  • Resistant to oils, acids and detergents of any kind
  • Excellent antistatic properties
  • Wrinkle-free and always perfectly smooth material
  • Rugs made of very soft 100% polyamide with official guarantee of the House of five years.
  • Patterns worked in carpet and not printed.
  • Machine wash at 40 ° with detergent for delicate clothes and drying both in the open air and in the dryer
  • Strong colors that do not fade and do not fray even with heavy use
  • Antiallergic treatment and no emission of odors typical of rubber, therefore suitable for people who suffer from allergies as the special production treatment makes the carpet act as a kind of magnet attracting dust and dirt.
  • Use both indoors and outdoors and also suitable for use on boats where the anti-slip function is a priority.
  • Also suitable for homes with underfloor heating systems.
  • Absolutely PVC-free according to legal regulations
  • Special processing to resist scratches from cats and dogs .. anti-fray!
  • Easy to clean even in the presence of hair left by pets
And finally ….. the EFIA carpet is particularly suitable for homes inhabited by elderly people…. because the special conformation of the perimeter step avoids any possibility of stumbling .. German technology for the safety of the elderly and also of young people. … Do not confuse the EFIA product with the carpets on the market which have a vinyl base with high rigidity, annoying emissions of unpleasant odors, poor quality and without the quality characteristics that distinguish EFIA Salonloewe carpets …… Each Salonloewe carpet comes with a three-language warranty card for provide the final consumer with all the information necessary for correct and long-lasting use of the product. On the guarantee certificate there is a special space for putting the stamp of the authorized dealer.

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